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It’s often said that the groundwork to all happiness is good health. As a result, I constantly strive to spread some positivity and happiness. Today, I shall be focusing on the groundwork, i.e. good health. Firstly, let us look at some startling facts before we begin our groundwork.

 About 450 Million people are affected by diabetes worldwide
 Every 6 seconds, 1 person dies from Diabetes
 20% of the population of UAE is affected by Diabetes
 One in two adults with Diabetes goes undiagnosed.

Do we need any more reasons to understand why Diabetes is termed as the Silent Killer? In my quest for complete wellness, I spoke with Dr. Prakash Pania, Specialist Endocrinologist – Aster Clinics and Hospital, to understand about Diabetes better.

Most of us would know the basics about Diabetes, but Dr. Prakash insists that one understands the type of diabetes that one is suffering from. I was quite surprised to know that 85-90% of the diabetic population of the world is inflicted by the type II diabetes. Besides that, what is more worrisome is the fact that if the sugar levels remain uncontrolled for longer periods, it can result in severe damage to vital organs like the kidneys, heart and eyes.

Dr. Prakash suggests the DEEDS of Diabetes to control the silent killer – Diet, Education, Exercise & Drugs which are the four pillars on the basis of which diabetes can be controlled and treated.

Do watch the link below to know about the DEEDS of Diabetes in details and post your queries, if any. Dr.Prakash Pania will be more than happy to answer your queries. As I repeatedly say – remember, the greatest wealth is only health.

Is anyone in your family, relatives or friends diagnosed with diabetes? Would love to know how they have kept it in control and manage so that it can benefit many others.

Love and Health


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