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Dubai is a city of extremes. From extreme engineering to extreme cultural diversity and from the extreme wealth to extreme megastructures, Dubai has it all that makes it the perfect world city. However, of all the desirable extremes, one aspect that is not exactly the most likeable, is the climate of Dubai, especially the extreme heat. Come summers and the sweltering heat has not just Dubai but the whole of UAE gasping for breath. When the heat wave strikes, one thing that we all are wary of is a Heat Stroke.

I spoke with Dr. Manodip Acharrya from Aster Clinics and Hospitals to know more about Heat Stroke and how we can save ourselves from the adversities of extreme climate. Dr. Acharrya clearly states that a Heat Stroke is a case of medical emergency and should in no way be taken lightly, or ignored. Often caused by extremely high temperatures, the high levels of humidity and extreme physical activity can also lead to heat strokes. He thus suggests that symptoms like heat cramps, heat exhaustion, excessive sweating, nausea should never be ignored and be immediately attended to. What’s more concerning is the fact that a heat stroke severely dehydrates our body and any delay in medical attention can cause damage to vital organs and may even prove fatal.

Wearing lighter clothes, protecting yourselves from the heat and keeping your body hydrated are some of the precautions that one should always take to protect themselves from the wrath of the extreme climate. Most importantly, do not ignore any of the symptoms of Heat Stroke and ensure medical attention at the earliest. After all, a stitch in time saves nine, and is there any other wealth that feels better than good health?

Do write into me if you know about remedies to avoid/treat heat strokes. I would love to hear from you and share your experience with my viewers.

Love and Health,

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