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As much I always advocate good health, healthy eating, exercising and meditating for a balanced mind, I have realized that we do not value our health till sickness strikes. Then, we suddenly become open to all ideas and all relatable health practices. However, if and only if we are consistent in our health practices, can we achieve good health; because healthy living is more about discipline than instinct.

For my Aster Live Healthy segment, today I am going to understand and know more about a condition that bothers about 30% population of the world. In fact, why talk of the world when I battle with this disease closer home with my son suffering from the same. Sinusitis or sinus infection as it is commonly known as is growing into a major concern around the world with and more and more people becoming susceptible to this disorder. Helping me understand this better is Dr. Mukesh Ramani, ENT Specialist from Aster Clinics and Hospital.

In strict medical terms, Sinusitis is the infection of the air-filled cavities which surround the nose. To put things simply, if your nasal blockage last for more than 10 days, or if you have a running nose with nasal discharge which green or yellow in color, accompanied with a headache or an aching face, you must visit an ENT specialist as these are symptoms of sinusitis. In fact, as Dr. Ramani further elaborated that there are four different kinds of sinusitis ranging from acute to chronic, and in certain cases, even requiring surgery.

Lifestyle changes have been known to help in cases of patients with a history of allergy. Smoking is a strict No, avoid allergens if you can identify them, avoid working or living in humid conditions, practice breathing exercises & jal neeti. Humidifiers can be of great help as I have personally experienced in the case of my son. Watch the video and understand what Dr. Ramani has to say on Sinusitis.

Sinusitis can definitely be managed, and one can lead a healthy life even with sinusitis provided we learn to take care of ourselves; because good health is not a miracle, its rather a commitment.

Do you have sinusitis or do you know of somebody who suffers from sinusitis? Share your experience of dealing with this disorder, after all, the more the solutions – the merrier is our health.

Love and Health,

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