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Health Care – Skin Care During Summers

I have always believed that the best make-up that you can wear is beautiful, glowing skin. Moreover, why not! After all, everybody is born with baby soft skin. However, the effects of time, the pollutants in the air, poor lifestyle and eating habits and odd sleeping hours lead to the loss of the skin’s original glow and radiance. There is nobody who is not affected with some kind of skin issues.

No wonder then, that I often receive a lot of queries with regards to skin health care. If I may say this, I am extremely particular about my diet, my health, my well-being and my skincare routine. Despite that, I too face skin issues like pigmentation and dryness, at times blackheads, and even the worst nightmare that almost all of you would identify with – a pimple or acne popping up right before an event or professional assignment you have to attend. Sounds familiar?? Personally for me, with all the makeup and harsh lights at shoots, the scorching heat and harsh climate of Dubai – having, and most importantly maintaining a healthy skin texture…is by no means an easy task.

Skin related issues and skin care being one of my favourite topics of discussion, I seized the opportunity to talk to Dr. Nasreen Sarwat, Skin Specialist, Aster Clinics and Hospital, to understand the basics of good skin care. She says “Our skin is not merely a protective layer; it is rather like any other part of our body. Therefore, take good care of your health, ensure good nutrition and your skin will take care of most of the other things.” Simple, isn’t it? At least these two are the most basic things that I never fail upon, and thus I suggest that you too should adhere to the same.

Talking of various skin types, Dr. Nasreen suggests that we must be well aware of our individual skin type, and our choice of cosmetics should always be based on the same. Even your choice of sunscreen should depend on your skin type. In fact, she goes on say that all kinds of cosmetics should always be taken under expert guidance, as off the shelf cosmetics like fairness creams do more damage to the skin than any good.

Dr.Nasreen ended her conversation with me with another pearl of wisdom…Be Happy with your complexion, and focus on keeping your skin healthy.

I could not agree more with her. We often tend to take desperate measures and at times…a lot of measures to get that perfect and flawless skin…where all we need to do is, take good care of ourselves, have the right nutrition and be happy. Moreover, believe you me, nothing looks more beautiful, than a happy and glowing skin. Share with me your skin care regimen – would love to know more from you.

Love and Health,

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