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Healthy Indian Food | Dubai

Healthy Indian Food In Dubai.
11 years ago, when I started my TV journey with my first TV show High Life Dubai, I had an opportunity to cook with the legendary Asha Bhosle in her then newly opened restaurant – Ashas. I was amazed to see how much passion and knowledge she had for cooking and good food. We chatted, we laughed and she told me many stories about her journey in the music and film industry. She also shared her memories of many iconic film personalities, she had an opportunity to work with in her career. I kept going to Ashas for meals for many years after that until recently I was invited to review the healthy options on their menu. Needless to mention, I was thrilled and nostalgic.

Both the young and the adults are familiar with the legendary and melodious voice of Asha Bhosle and I am sure quite a few of us know some of her songs by heart. Over the years she has spread so much love with her sublimity that every single one of us has been touched by her and her music in some way.

Today, I am here to talk about another milestone of her life, which is right here in our city – Dubai. Asha’s Restaurant – situated in Wafi. In business since 2002, the restaurant is an innovative style of Indian restaurant boasting a traditional Indian menu with Asha Bhosle’s personal touch.

“Good food transcends any language or any culture, it has a universal appeal.”

With so much effort of keeping the architecture together, Asha’s food is nonetheless a treat to Indian foodies. Embark on a culinary journey with me, as I review some of the sumptuous dishes and Asha Bhosle’s own recipes; from their menu.

Well, you see I enjoyed every bite of my Indian food, but still keeping my clean eating options mind. As I have been repeatedly telling you, it’s not about eating less – it’s all about eating right. Eat where ever you want, but just tweak it according to your health preferences. Ask the Chef to use less oil, or for any other healthy preference that’s there on your daily menu or if you are gluten free or dairy free like me, they will definitely take care of it.

I would love you to go and experience a meal at Ashas and that’s why I am giving away two vouchers worth AED 500 each. All you have to tell me is how do you make the healthier version of your favorite Indian recipes?
Please share with me and I would love to try them.

Be healthy and be happy


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