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I have always believed that there is no bigger loss than losing your own self in the rigors of today’s fast paced life. With never ending responsibilities and infinite stress, we often forget to tell ourselves that I AM IMPORTANT and that I DESERVE PEACE. Quite a few might see this as being selfish, but the fact of the matter remains that only when you take good care of your mind and body, only then can you take good care of the other aspects of your life.

I am of the firm belief that to be the best version of yourself, your mind, body, and soul should be in balance. Life’n One is one such place in Dubai that helps you regain that balance. It is a wellness center located right in the heart of Jumeirah. From yoga, Pilates, meditation, chakra reading to healthy eating, Life’ n One takes you on the ultimate journey to self-discovery. As Eda Gungor, the founder of Life’ n One Well Being Centre says, the whole idea is to use to your own energy to better yourself.

Eda says that the basic motive of Life n’One is to help an individual back to their own alignment with the help of various alternative therapies. However, the basic is always meditation. In fact, I can say with my own experience that mediation indeed changes the way one deals with stress and how one reacts to the various aspects of life.

Thus my advice to you is to start meditating every morning. Even if it is for 10 minutes, start doing it. Take that first step, and everything will start coming your way. Add to that the various alternative therapies of Life’ n One and you are definitely going to feel one with your own self and with life in general.

So, take a break, take a pause, give yourself more time, care for the state of your mind and your body, because only then can you manage your stress well. As it is often said, slow down and everything, you are chasing will come around and catch you.

Are you a believer of the holistic approach towards healing? Would love to hear from you how it has had a positive effect on you.

Love and Health,

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