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Holistic Skincare Workshop

Your skin will always reveal how well your body is doing. In this workshop, you will learn about the root causes of common skin problems we face and a variety of natural remedies to fix them!

In our 3-hour in-depth workshop, we will introduce you to the traditional lifestyle recommendations and therapeutic methods for correcting various imbalances in your daily routine that have been causing your skin some problems. We will also have healing interventions which include both internal and external applications using diet, herbs and nourishment, and special treatments. Sounds healthy yet fun, doesn’t it?

Instructions will be delivered 1-on-1 to ensure that all your questions are answered properly and you get your money’s worth. Not only that, you also get to walk away with the remedies you created during the workshop. Yaay!

Course Topics Include:

  • Holistic definition of beauty
  • Lifestyle and environmental factors causing common skin conditions
  • Evaluation and care for an individual’s unique skin type
  • How what we eat influences our skin health, ways to incorporate skin healthy foods in your daily diet.
  • How to have an effective skin routine.
  • Lymphatic drainage, Face massage, Gua Sha training

Group of 6 to 8

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