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How Pollution Affects your Skin

By now, everyone knows that you should NEVER leave your skin unprotected when it comes to sun exposure. Research suggests that pollution is just as harmful to our skin as unprotected sun exposure.
Pollution is one of the biggest dangers to your skin barrier – the golden veil protecting your skin against all bads. It significantly damages the skin’s microbiome by throwing it off balance which in turn disrupts the skin barrier.
Here are a few worrisome problems that air pollution can cause to our skin:
• Dull or uneven skin tone
• Wrinkles
• Enlarged pores
• Brown spots
• Acne
• Dry or itchy skin
To know everything about “common enemy”, we must know what pollution holds can do so we can create a stronger defense.
• Gaseous Pollutants making way for more problems
The pollutants can’t penetrate your skin right away but what they actually do is stick to your skin’s surface and start a consistent on your skin to leave it damaged just enough for new pollutants to easily pass through your skin barrier and wreak havoc to your beautiful skin.
• Nanoparticles damaging the pores
There’s another pollutant that is non-gaseous that we need to watch out for, that is small particulate matter. Also known as nanoparticles, these pollutants are so small that they can even get into your pores and become trapped in them – which we can all realize how many problems will that lead to. And that’s not even the worst part, these annoying nanoparticles can’t be easily removed by just washing our faces. Why does everything have to be so difficult?
• Smog – the source of free radicals
Smog is one of the most harmful sources of skin damage since it produces so many free radicals on your skin as compared to other pollutants. These radicals deteriorate the skin and target the skin in such a way that it starts to age prematurely.

• UV Rays – Many problems, One Cause
UV radiations have been proven to be the cause of age maturity and sunburn as well. Exposure to UVA rays has been observed to cause photoaging which leads to wrinkles, pigmentation and solar elastosis (a skin condition that causes the skin to appear yellow and thick). While exposure to UBB causes sunburn. Who wants that?!
• Cigarette Smoke ( CS)? Say goodbye to your Collagen
We’ve all heard and seen the effects a cloud of CS can have on the respiratory system, but the extent of damages CS can cause to your skin is also quite troubling. CS is comprised of thousands of chemical substances that can decrease the water in your skin causing dehydrated skin, disrupting the skin tissues and causing a lot of damage to the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers.
This will lead to premature aging and deeper wrinkling. And if you’re the one that’s doing it, hear this, it can even cause orange-purple skin discoloration.
• Automobile Exhaust causing some serious trouble
The chemicals and fumes from automobile exhaust have been proven to lead to pigmentation, premature aging, acne breakouts, and even skin cancer. These chemicals have also been linked to comedones and cysts. I know how you guys feel, I’m as scared as you guys are.
These pollutants make you want to stay indoor forever, right? As much as you wish you could stay inside forever, we know that’s not going to happen. With a healthy diet and proper skincare routine, your skin can pretty much fight off everything. I have many videos on those topics.
Watch them on my channel. Do You live in a polluted city, how do you manage your skin?
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