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It feels like yesterday that I was walking through the many isles of Baby Shop trying to figure out what the best car seat for my son would be. Well, I can hardly believe it myself, it has been 16 years since that happened! I had spent hours and hours trying to research the best car seat because like all parents, I was very concerned about my child’s safety and wellbeing.

Baby Shop was my guilty pleasure and blessing in disguise, coming to my rescue anytime I needed something. Even when I was just feeling anxious and worried about not knowing what I am still missing while pregnant, I knew that from the first few minutes of walking through their doors that I would find what I am looking for at this store.

At last, the time has finally come for us to update our laws here in the UAE, and we finally have a mandatory car seat rule for children under four effective as of July 1st. The new federal traffic law amendment will even introduce fines for those parents who are not using one for their child.

Safety always comes first for me, so I am here to help you stay safe and secure and pick the right car seat for your loved one. Many parents consider their laps to be the safest place for their child. When in fact, a car crash at just 50 km per hour without a child restraint system is like a 10 meter fall for a child. Imagine that! Moreover, the younger the child, the lower the force needed for injury. The undeniable fact is that car accidents are extremely common and frequent; even the best drivers find difficulty in avoiding them sometimes. That is why investing in a car seat will not only get you out of a fine but may also save a life.

I have got Jaya and Neeraj with me here today in Baby Shop to buy a perfect car seat for their little ones, Yash who is also here with us today, and baby number two who will be joining us really soon! Of course, we had to come to the one and only Baby Shop since it is the one stop destination for everything, the one place where you will find both a broad range and value for money. It is really one of my favorite places to shop for baby clothes and accessories of all ages.

There are many different types of car seats, from ones that are solid, secure, easy to strap in, convertible, booster, and the list goes on. It can be overwhelming to find the perfect one for you, so I am here giving Jaya, Neeraj, and you some of my favorite options.

Junior Infant Car Seat

This car seat has easy carry handling portability, a sense of comfort, ease of use, and most importantly, insured safety. It is suitable from birth up to a year; five points padded harness, a simple and clear belt routine, and extra cozy padding. It also includes three positions ideal for feeding or rocking and a non-slip ergonomic hand grip.

Maxi Cosi Pebble

This car seat is ideal for anyone who’s looking for a seat that can be fixed on a stroller for those times when your baby is fast asleep, or you are simply on the go. It is the complete travel solution; you can even secure it on an aircraft! It offers top safety performance, ultimate convenience with a click and go installation, and is used typically for children up to one year.

Joie Convertible Car Seat

The Joie is well known for its different recline positions and for being height adjustable, along with a side impact protection that provides added security. Its steel frame support keeps the car seat strong during impact and adds weight to keep the seat tight and low to the vehicle seat for better stability and protection

Britax Romer Convertible Car Seat

Last but not least, my favourite of them all, the Britax dual fix which combines an eye catching design with a state of the art safety technology. It comes equipped with a 360 degrees’ rotation allowing parents to choose rear facing to forward facing, making it safe for children from day one up to four years.

The best part is – You get a free installation service with any car seat purchase you make from Baby Shop! We all know how stressful and time consuming these things can be, so just a small gesture like this can really come in handy. I wish these new and considerate services were available back when I was shopping for my son. If you have a child who is 4 years or younger, check out the complete range of car seats at or visit your nearest store. Tell me, which car seat was your favorite? Are you excited to implement this new law?

Love and Health,

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