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We all desire a life that is pain-free! We always want to feel the most pleasant emotions and spend a life devoid of pain and sorrow! However, it is a known fact that pain in human life is inevitable! So how should one deal with it? Well, most of the people think, when they feel pain, avoiding it is the best possible way to get rid of it. They think they will not feel it anymore if they try to engage themselves elsewhere to seek happiness and neglect it. In fact, most people are taught to not express their pain at all, as expressing pain makes one vulnerable. We are given teachings not to cry when we feel pain. However, is that really possible? No! It is not! Pain is to be felt and dealt with sensibly. It is to be embraced just as we embrace happiness. Because it is a pain that ultimately makes you a stronger, better, and happier individual! I have had multiple experiences in my own life, where I have dealt with situations that were emotionally very painful for me; I went through it all and emerged as a stronger individual only because I felt the pain to the fullest, accepted it completely and found a proper way to deal with it.

Just recently I realised that I was getting many queries from people who found it difficult to cope with pain; so I thought this is a crucial subject that needs some serious attention. Considering this, I decided to speak with one of the most well-known doctors of the city and pain management specialist, Dr. Niveen El Saleh who came on the segment and gave us an insight on the subject. While she was with me on THE UMA SHOW, she spoke to me about the different kinds of pains that humans experience and how important it is for one to know and accept that he is in pain, and then gather the courage to deal with it. She explained to us about the pains human beings feel on different levels—emotional and physical—and the different strategies that can help them to deal with pain in life. Watch the video to know the strategies Dr. Niveen shared with us to deal with pain:

Don’t forget… Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice! I would love to know your experience on how you dealt with pain and how you came out stronger. Do share with me…

Love and Health

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