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“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence” – Aristotle

At the root of all human needs, there is just one need—the need to be happy! No matter what you wish for in life, ultimately the only purpose behind it is to be happy. However, what is true happiness? How to find it and where? Centuries have passed, and humans have treaded a long path in their ‘pursuit of happiness’ and trying to find an answer to this one question that has been haunting their existence. Nonetheless, how many of them have found the right answer? In my life, I have come across so many people, who covet happiness, and yet cannot find it despite all their efforts. I have always thought that it is imperative for one to know what truly makes them happy. For some, happiness may mean becoming rich, and for some others, it may mean spending some time alone in serenity. We all have a different definition of happiness. All the same, how would you know what’s your definition? What is it that triggers your happiness? Moreover, even if you have found your happiness, how to cope up with overwhelming situations where being happy almost seems like a distant dream?

I am glad for the fact that UAE is the only country that has a minister for happiness, Ohood Bint Khalfan Al Roumi, and there is a huge focus laid on bringing happiness in people’s lives. As it is my core belief to spread happiness and health and I wish to support the cause, I thought it is imperative for people to know the true reasons that kindle their happiness and hence in this segment, I invited Andreea Zoia, International presenter and public speaking coach along with supermom, intrepid entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Janine Bensouda, who call themselves happiness experts and endeavour to spread smiles across the world. They have come forward to help people with finding their happiness. A noble vision indeed! They shared with us the secret about the magical remote that they use to make people happy and which helps people prevent their happiness from being lost. They also shared many other tips that will help one find true happiness in life. So don’t wait to find your happiness….Watch the video and share how you felt about it.

What did you learn from Andrea and Janine that you would want to implement in your daily life?

Love and Health,

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