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It’s becoming very clear and supported with a lot of evidence that the wellbeing at the work place is critical for performance, work atmosphere and culture in space. Your professional space can even impact your health! However sometimes being used to how things are, we start to miss on key indicators that the workspace is not really as healthy as it should be and this evaluation and reassessment can really be done with the help of experts.

Most believe that long hours and hard work in the office will bring you the accolades, but today I am going to share with you how this is not necessarily true. I had the amazing opportunity to sit with Leila T. Almaeena, the founder of Leila Almaeena Coaching & Consulting, who shared with us a more practical wisdom on well being in the corporate world and believe me, balancing between the professional and the personal space is of utmost importance.

I truly believe that we all need coaching at every level and aspect of our life to take it to a different level and be a better version of ourselves in every space we are in and contribute to it.

Leila talked to me about the ‘wheel of life.’ Having gone through it herself and learning so much from her experiences, she redefined success and helped many to pay attention not only to professional growth but also emotional and spiritual growth. We are at a remarkable time in the UAE as we lead on the concept of happiness and well being in the workplace. It is so important to recognize that it has such an affect on everyone.

It was really interesting to reflect on the role of the Management on the happiness of a workplace. So we have to assess what’s going on regarding retention and turnover because it really is such a strong indicator to see what’s going on inside any workplace. Leila and I agreed that a key message for the Management is to shift messages of ‘work harder’ and ‘work longer’ to slightly something more balanced because we have so many unique and different backgrounds in our professional spaces that we really need to take into consideration.

We should really be careful with investing all of our time and money solely into our respective careers and rather focus on other areas as well, such as our health and families, etc who are equally important. Balance is key!

What’s so motivating is that you can actually change things in your workplace to make it more positive, and I am such a supporter of those who take the initiative to make a change through small things. These changes might be position related, or values related. We are always growing and changing and its so critical that we recognize and reflect on our values and align our actions. I feel you should watch the video; there is so much to learn and reflect upon.

In case you want to know if your work environment is healthy, simply look around. How do your colleagues look and feel? What about yourself? Development programs are key in creating healthy environments, and I really cannot stress more on how vital it is on so many levels that this happens. The development of one person contributes to the entire society.

Nowadays the word success is used so freely, and most of us relate success to the professional advancement and money. If we take a step back and think, we will realize that we can be successful by simply leading a healthy life and being happy. It was definitely very empowering and enlightening to sit with the amazing Leila and discuss the things that matter the most. How would you like your workplace to be? Share with my viewers and me what steps you can take today to achieve the ideal environment at your workplace. We can always learn from one another and live better.

Love and Health,

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