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How to organize refrigerator ? A clean healthy eating habit.
Let me start with a direct question. Is your refrigerator slowing you down? According to me, there are two ways your refrigerator can slow you down.

1) It can either slow down your speed of cooking – thanks to an unorganized refrigerator, or
2) It can slow you down literally in your life – thanks to unhygienic and unhealthy eating practices.

Either of the two situations is extremely concerning to me and more importantly, to one’s health. Thank god, the mess hides behind closed doors; no awkward smells and no food spilling out either. However, that is only till the door is closed. The moment the refrigerator doors open, all hell breaks loose, and you can never find what you want. So today, I am going to talk about good refrigerator practices, and that starts with a good refrigerator.

I recently bought the latest Door-In-Door P-Veyron refrigerator by LG, and I must tell you that it is an extremely good buy. The reason being that in today’s day and time, a good refrigerator is not merely about bigger capacity, but more about innovative, organized and optimum ways of storage and cooling. The LG Door-In-Door Refrigerator ticks on all those parameters. As much as I am excited about my new buy, it was fun filming this segment for you all to show how I organize my refrigerator to help me have a healthy and active life.

The unique door-in-door feature ensures that there is enough space for all your needs that will come in handy more often than the others. The 9% extra storage space on the doors lets me store all my skin care products effortlessly.

Being a morning person, I am extremely particular about my breakfast and the spacious upper shelves ensure that all my breakfast requirements are neatly packed and organized in a way that makes my mornings hassle free. The refrigerator has a utility box to store organic eggs; two veggie and fruit containers with Fresh Balancer and Hygiene Fresh feature that doesn’t just store all my requirements but also maintain the right levels of humidity to keep my vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer duration. On the other side is the unique water dispenser that gives easy access to drinking water and ice all day. How can I not mention the huge freezer space that lets me store all my frozen fish, meat and frozen veggies in an uncluttered manner.

Now that is what a good and smart refrigerator can do. Seriously, if you want your food to be hygienic and healthy following are my Dos and Don’ts.

1) Clean your refrigerator often. In fact, clean it very often. It ensures less clutter and good levels of hygiene
2) Be organized in your grocery shopping. Have a list and buy only what is needed.
3) Moreover, last but not the least, invest in a good refrigerator that will save your time, money and energy…as also take care of your health.

Watch the video to check the door-in-door LG P-VEYRON refrigerator and decide for yourself how user –friendly it is.

Living healthy is all about being organized and being planned. The LG Door-In-Door refrigerator lets you do exactly that. With just a little effort from your side, you can surely ensure that your refrigerator never slows you down. Do you agree with me?

Love and Health,

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