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When was the last time you sat back, only with the intention of reviving your energies? When was the last time you could feel one with nature? When did you last find the balance in your body and mind?

Most of us wouldn’t have an answer to these questions. More importantly, thanks to our busy, fast paced and robotic lives, I wonder if we even try to seek answers to these questions at all. That’s exactly where we go wrong. As I have always emphasized, that it is important to sit back and breathe, to relax and give a thought to our mind and body, to calm our senses and try and align our energies. I am always on the lookout for ways and techniques that can help regain my energies & balance and thus caught up with Ania Shnyukova, Qigong Instructor & Energy Healer.

For starters, Qigong is a traditional Chinese holistic system meant to cultivate and balance our energies. Qi=Energy and Gong=Mastering Action and Direction. Elaborating on this traditional Chinese method, Ania says that our body has been designed to receive positive energy from nature around us. Qigong helps us in maximizing that potential and then transform, balance ourselves to become physically and mentally stronger and achieve deep emotional balance.

Qigong primarily involves general exercises and gymnastics that help in strengthening the bones and the joints, whereas breathing techniques, visualizations, and meditation session help in maintaining the balance and strength of the mind. I must confess, that within my short meditation session with Ania, I could immediately feel extremely centered and calm and composed, clearly indicating towards the long term benefits of Qigong.

Qigong is practiced by millions worldwide, and primarily for its health benefits. As Ania adds, “We are all self-healers and doctors.” Moreover, Qigong only helps us in strengthening this healing power.

As much as I understand that most people would have an excuse of the paucity of time for self-rejuvenating processes, equally true is the fact that if not for these small steps, we may not able to match up to the pace of the every changing and the ever demanding world.

I would love to hear from you about your methods of self-healing; and if you have practiced Qigong, please do share your experience with my viewers and me.

Love and Health,

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