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How to Reduce Plastic Use in Daily Lives | Tips to Reduce Plastic Pollution

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Nowadays, you can see plastic everywhere around you. Your food and hygiene products are packaged in it, your cars, phones and computers are manufactured from it. And you might even chew it daily in the form of chewing gum. Unlike naturally-derived products, synthetic plastics are not biodegradable. This means that once plastic items are churned out into the world they remain there, unless recycled or incinerated.

Don’t use plastic water bottles
Tap water is free and you avoid buying plastic bottles which you will throw away after having finished your drink. By avoiding plastic bottles you are saving money and you can enjoy the fresh water from the tap whose quality is much better than that of water packed in a plastic bottle. You can also carry around your own fancy water bottle. The best options are stainless steel water bottles which contain no dangerous toxic material that is present in plastic bottles. Stainless steel water bottles are safer to use and keep your water fresh.

Try your own coffee cup mug
When ordering your coffee at the take-away just bring your own coffee mug and say no to the paper cup and the plastic lid. In your stainless steel cup your coffee or tea would stay warm for longer. And plus you can avoid adding more plastic to the environment.

Say no to plastic straws
Think twice before getting a plastic straw for your drink. Do you really need one or can you easily do without it? Straws are among the top ten marine debris items and cause a lot of pollution in the marine life. Save the marine life by using stainless steel straws. You can easily say no to plastic straws…so please do it!

Use a reusable shopping bag for your grocery shopping
Ask yourself: Do you really need a bag for every single thing that you buy? Probably not! Does it fit in your normal handbag? If yes, why take a plastic bag then? Or you can bring your own reusable bag, even if you need one. So take this first step and say no to plastic.

Store your food in glass or stainless steel containers
Keeping your leftovers fresh is a challenge. Whilst a plastic container comes in handy because it is light, has clips and you can use it even in the microwave, you forget that it is pure toxic. Never heat up your food in a plastic box! Put your food on a normal plate before heating it up. Instead of buying plastic containers, invest your money in glass boxes or stainless steel containers. It is safer and will prevent you from toxicity.

Refresh yourself with non-plastic tasting ice cubes
We all want to cool down a bit and refresh our drinks with some ice cubes. But have you noticed, that sometimes suddenly something tastes weird in your drink. Yes, that’s what I am talking about. It is the ice cube which you have pushed out just a few seconds ago from the plastic or silicon tray. To avoid those tastes in your drink, make sure to get a stainless steel ice cube tray and have a better taste of your drinks.

So these were some of the basic changes we can make in our lives to prevent our environment and make life better for us and our future generations.
We need to be conscious that the health of the environment is closely intertwined with our own health.

Love and Health,

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