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Just imagine this, you walk up to your refrigerator, with your hand full of foodstuff…and there’s nobody else to help you. Oh!!! What do you do? Offload the entire foodstuff, open the door of the refrigerator, and then hold it with one hand, even as you stuff in the food stuff with your other hand? Or…what if the refrigerator could sense your presence and open the door on its own?? Fancy that!!!

You know what’s exciting about technology? No, it’s not always about the latest innovations. To me, it’s more about how evolving technology constantly helps in making our lives easier. The fact that technology is becoming more and more human friendly, more and more user friendly, is what makes it exciting; and if you can add a dash of style and design to technology, I don’t think it gets any better than that. Or Does it?

Of course it does. I had the opportunity of experiencing the latest from the house of LG, the LG Signature Collection. Being a patron of LG, I have always experienced high reliability with my LG appliances. But this time, I was in for a huge surprise…and I couldn’t just stop smiling. One look at the latest range of the LG Signature Collection, and you will realize that when State of the Art Technology comes together with the essence of design, the end result is sheer magic.

The LG Signature Collection comprises of 4 appliances – The LG Signature OLED TV, the LG Signature Air Purifier, the LG Signature Twin Wash Washing Machine and the LG Signature Refrigerator. All these products have a few common features – Functionality, Beauty and Unique Essence. I must admit that each and every appliance that I have mentioned is nothing short of a piece of art and an epitome of user friendliness.

Have a look at them one by one, and I promise you, you would be as amused as I was.

That beauty and brains don’t go hand-in-hand is an old school cliché. Indeed for the longest time, that has been the reality of the gadgets and the appliances industry. But LG is all set to change the game. The LG Signature Collection is definitively life-enhancing, providing exceptional lifestyle through meaningful innovation and timeless aesthetics. Do share with me how this latest, modern, state of the art, high on technology products help you in your daily life. Have they made your life any easier?

Love & Health,

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