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Natural Anti Aging Secrets

One thing that we cannot change about our skin is that it ages – it loses firmness and elasticity over time as well as becomes hyperpigmented. One thing that we can change though is postponing this process to as far in the future as possible – the sooner we start the better. Knowing that, let’s go through what we can do every day to keep our skin looking youthful for longer.

Eat your way to glowing skin!

It is very true that we are what we eat – it also applies to skin aging. Our skin changes with time because its building proteins break down more easily, mainly due to a weakened response to free radicals – particles that destabilize the structure of macromolecules in the skin layers. They also promote the overall inflammation in our bodies that results in poorer skin resilience, more age spots and higher susceptibility to infections. The answer here is antioxidants that, luckily for us, are abundant in all sorts of different foods.

• Eat berries! They’re round, they’re juicy but they also happen to be one of the most antioxidant-rich foods that exist. Their hidden weapon is flavonoids that give them their beautiful colors – the darker a berry, the more antioxidant properties it has.

• Pamper yourself with dark chocolate. It does sound too dreamy, doesn’t it? Well, good for you because chocolate with high cacao content teems with polyphenols. Be sure though that it doesn’t have sugar nor milk added!

• Drink green tea as often as you can, even in place of your daily cup of coffee. It contains plenty of health-giving tannins and other antioxidants.

Try incorporating a bit of each of the above foods in everyday diet; they are the most powerful amongst all that nature has to offer. It doesn’t have to be anything big or special, a handful of blueberries with a nice and warm pot of freshly brewed green tea is enough; the key here is regularity.

Use your sunscreen!

Sun rays are something that we are exposed to every day, yet they are also one of the most deleterious factors for the skin – they damage the DNA that weakens the skin cells and results in poorer protein content. Sun also promotes free radicals activity if that was too little. That’s why it is crucial to wear a high SPF and broad-spectrum filter every day even when it is cloudy outside – the sun rays do not rest; they penetrate our clothes let alone the clouds on a gloomy day. Indeed, what is also confirmed by dermatologists, a combination of antioxidants and regular use of sunscreen is the infallible receipt for youthful skin for long years.

Try face massage or face yoga!

The skin needs their nutrients and a simple way to fulfill that wish is via having a massage or doing face yoga. During both activities, the local circulation in the skin is stimulated hence more oxygen and nutritive particles can reach the cells – a well fed skin = a glowing skin! Furthermore, face yoga has one extra feature – it forces the facial muscles to move. By doing so, it cares for that no area of the face remains unused and thus flat or inelastic. This effect is visible from the outside with the naked eye after a few sessions – the skin is significantly firmer and brighter.

Besides doing a few face yoga exercises from time to time, you can also easily incorporate face massage into your routine while applying your moisturizer. Start with small and gentle circular movements from the inside to the outside using just your pinky finger – not only the microcirculation will be adequately boosted but also it is fun to be this precise! When it comes to the face areas which need lifting and more firmness, try sliding movements from the base up – positive results guaranteed!

Which one will you incorporate in your routine to delay the signs of aging? write in the comment box below.

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