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Self Care Ideas For 2021

• Improving Immunity and Gut Health

Now, you must know by now how important is immunity in times like these. Every doctor is advising to focus on more immunity-boosting diets. Now why I mention immunity and gut health in the same sentence is because our immunity is very closely related to gut health. Actually, 70% of our immunity system is housed in our guts. When there is an imbal¬ance in your gut, such as an over¬growth of “bad” bac¬te¬ria, it can con¬fuse your immune sys¬tem caus¬ing it to start attack¬ing your own cells. If your immune sys¬tem is busy react¬ing to healthy cells, not only is it eas¬i¬er for you to get sick, it’s also hard¬er for your body to recover. That is why, taking steps to ensure your digestive system is functioning properly is an essential part of maintaining your overall health.

• Indulging in Activities You Love

With stressful times, I personally don’t think hitting the gym should be enough. How about indulging in a physical activity you love, rather than just hitting the machines? Wouldn’t that make you happier and help you release stress as well? Not only that, a physical activity that you love will make it easier for you to make it part of your daily routine. It can be anything. It can be cycling, long walks, playing outdoor games, skipping and the favorite of all – dancing! Just pick an activity that you love or maybe, even more, to add to your routine for relaxation and blowing off steam. I’m sure a positive and a happier you will have a positive effect on your body as well.

• Setting Your Screen Time

Binge-watching was something we were all already guilty of before the COVID days, with staying at home all day, we have doubled, no tripled the time we spend staring at our mobile, computer and TV screens. Increased screen time not only affects our vision but it also makes us irritable and sluggish and in some cases, people claim that it also has caused them headaches. So, it is very important to set a screen time so that you don’t do too much damage to your eyes. If you’re working or studying, try to take a 5-minute break after every 30 minutes of screen time to rest your eyes and brain. And if you’re free at home, set a strict screen time and use the rest of your time on productive things.

• Learning to Say No

Aaah, I understand it’s HARD. Sadly, it’s a habit that takes quite long to learn but it is just so essential for you and your mind. Learning to say no is one of the healthiest things you can do for your peace of mind. Don’t we all regret it when we’re guilt-tripped into something that we don’t want to do, worse if we don’t even have the energy to do it in the first place? This might have adverse effects on your health, that is why practice saying no. Make a buddy out of your loved ones and ask them to help you practice or just ask yourself when asked for a favor, “Do I have the energy to do this?” if the answer’s no, then your answer should be no as well.

• Gratitude Journal

This is one of my favorite self-care activities. Expressing Gratitude. You can’t even imagine the positive effects it can have on your spiritual and emotional health unless you’ve tried it. Every day, I write all the things I’m grateful for – good and bad in my journal. It helps me realize all the good in my life and recognize how strong I was through all the bad things and how they actually helped me grow kinder and stronger. Now, you don’t have to write it. You can just think of 10 things you’re grateful for before going to sleep and I’m sure you would have a peaceful sleep and you’ll wake up happy too.

• Embarking on a Spiritual Journey
This is the year to find, understand, and heal your soul. It’s time you embark on a spiritual journey where you learn to recognize your emotions, find your emotional triggers, work on healing your traumas and just try to transform yourself into a better and more aware person. This is the most important thing you can do for your soul, mind, and even your body. You’ll learn to be less affected by negative factors, outgrow the toxic environment, and just become kinder but more confident about yourself as well. 2021 should be the year you get to heal your wounds and know who you are.

2021 should be all about love, health, and wellness. It’s time to show yourself love and only then, you’ll be better at sharing all that love with others as well. Build healthy connections with people and build healthy connections with yourself. Stay safe, healthy, and loved!

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