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It is now just what you eat, but also how you eat. Let me share a few very valuable tips that I have taken away from Viva Mayr after every stay here:
1. Eat slowly. The key strategy is “souping,” in which you chew each mouthful 40 times, so it becomes a liquid mush of saliva and food.
2. Eat while sitting down without distractions: no television, no reading the paper, no stressful conversations, no smart devices.
3. Stop eating when you feel comfortably full. If you are chewing properly, you will simply not be able to eat huge meals.
4. There should be an interval of four to five hours between each meal. Frequent snacking disrupts digestion.
5. Make breakfast and lunch your largest meals.
6. Don’t eat too late in the evening. Ideally, your evening meal should be before 7 pm. It should be small and comprise only easily digested foods (no raw vegetables or fruit). Soup is ideal.
I stayed in Viva Mayr for 7 days, but after I came back, I continued with the therapy. I stayed away from all that I am intolerant and sensitive to, like gluten, dairy, and eggs. I drank way more water than I usually do, ate slowly, made my meal time very special, kept having the magic base powder and slept like a baby. After 3 weeks slowly added eggs back to my diet but maintained the same as clean as possible. Every time I am back from Viva Mayr my skin glows, that glow that comes with inner healing, cleansing, and happiness. Viva Mayr is an experience of a lifetime for our body, mind, and soul and every bit of money spent is so worth it for the high stress life we lead. I cannot wait to go back for my next therapy and walk in nature by the magical lake.

Happy tasting, healing, and growing! Always eager to hear and learn more from you. Share your views with me…what is the best detox that works for you?

Love and Health,

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