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Let me start with a very simple question. How many times in a day do you need use your washing machine – Twice? Or at times it may be even thrice? Or maybe even more? Well I am not surprised with your answer. Because with the variety of laundry, where we don’t want to mix up our pristine white clothes with the colored ones, where we don’t want wash baby clothes with the rest, and where we don’t want to mix up apparels of various fabrics, washing just once cannot be enough. In fact, I myself, on certain days, end up washing clothes in my washing machine at least three times.

Now that is such a waste to time, electricity and other resources. So what if we can wash all our different clothes without mixing them up, yet at the same time? Is that possible? Well if the brand is LG, then it’s definitely possible. I had the chance of having a look at the world’s first Twin Wash washing machine by LG.
LG Twin Wash, is basically a front loading washing machine, combined with an additional smaller unit of washing machine, and hence the name Twin Wash. The machine facilitates washing different kind of clothes in the two different chambers, all at the same time. The beauty of LG Twin Wash lies in the fact that both the washing units are independent of each other and can be used separately as well. So just in case, on a particular day, you just have a couple of clothes to be washed, you can choose to use the smaller 3.5 Kg capacity and save on your electricity and other resources. Of course, how can I not mention that the LG Twin Wash is absolutely top of the line, with never before seen features, including that of Smart Wash. Which means you can now connect the LG Twin Wash with Wi-Fi and command your washing machine from your mobile phone. Now isn’t that simply wow!!! Have a look.

Super-efficient on Utility, High on Comfort and Uber Stylish. Now who would have thought that you could operate a washing machine, at the tap of the screen of your cell phone, without mixing up your clothes, and yes all this with a lot of style and oomph. That’s the magical LG Twin Wash for you. Does this product enter your wish list?

Love and Health,

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