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Tips to Reduce Stress Headache | How to Avoid Tension Headaches

Hello! My Tribe,

Are you a victim of frequent headaches? Are you the one who’s so bogged down with your schedule that you are stressed out all the time and experience headaches? Does an over-packed to-do list, a demanding job, relationship issues or a growing pile of bills — or any other nerve-wracking scenario — eventually stresses you out and leads to you having a headache? Well, if that’s the case with you, then you have been experiencing stress headaches – the most common type of headache which is also called a tension headache.

Hectic schedules and busy lifestyles can bring on headaches in a variety of ways. First, when people are stressed, they often tighten their neck and shoulders. Tense muscles in the back of the neck and even in the scalp can cause compression which many people describe as a stress-related headache. Also, when under stress, many people clench their jaws or grind their teeth, both of which can trigger headaches. What’s more, no matter your headache type, stress can both worsen and prolong your symptoms.

According to recent research, every 10 percent increase in people’s stress levels causes them to experience tension headaches 6.3 percent more days/month and migraines 4.3 percent more often. So although headache is a condition so common that it’s the punch line for a number of jokes, when you’re experiencing a headache, it’s no laughing matter. But before we talk about how we can get rid of this crappy feeling, let’s see what causes stress headaches.

Causes of Stress headaches:

Sleep deprivation
Inadequate rest
Hunger or meals at irregular times
Food containing tyramine
Red wine
Bright sunlight or changes in weather
Strong smells
Tightly tied hair
Strenuous exercise
Excessive sex
Excessive caffeine and its abrupt withdrawal
Menstrual periods

So now that we know what causes headaches, let us see how we can use nutrition, fitness and wellness to conquer some of our headache triggers and what are the quick solutions to get rid of it.

Have you ever used any of these techniques to get rid of a headache? Or have you tried some other headache relief methods? Share your experiences and let me know what remedies have worked for you. Like, Subscribe and comment on this video and stay in touch!

Love and Health

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