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Vitamin D Deficiency

This video is all about vitamin D Deficiency. Vitamin D is the main essential supplement of our body.
Feeling fatigued might have become a common phenomenon in today’s fast-paced life, but then when the fatigue lasts for a longer time – it is time to raise the alarm. That is exactly what happened to me some time ago. I would often feel exhausted and tired, and more concerning was the fact that I was finding it difficult to focus and keep my interests up. To be honest, that is not a usual feeling for me as I am extremely conscious about my fitness regime and my diet; yet why was I not feeling my usual upbeat self?

A few tests, a couple of consultations and Vitamin D Deficiency turned out to be the culprit. Alternatively, should I say, I was the culprit for the lack of Vitamin D in my body. I was put on Vitamin D Supplements, and it took me a good 3 months to recover completely. Now, why am I narrating this story to you? In all probabilities, even you could be Vitamin D Deficient without even knowing about it.

Research says that about 90% of the people in Dubai are Vitamin D deficient and consequently, I spoke to Dr. Abul Fazil from Aster Clinic and Hospital to understand more about Vitamin D Deficiency. The aspects that he put forth are quite concerning. However, the most concerning part here is the fact that there are no edible resources of Vitamin D. Sardines, salmon, eggs, portobello mushrooms, tofu, almonds can provide some amount of Vitamin D…just about 10-20%, and that is definitely not enough. Vitamin D supplements are administered, like in my case, but then the body can absorb not more than 5-10% from these supplements. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to a lot of issues like depression, kidney disorders, and bone disorders in infants and elderlies, and much more. So then what’s the way to acquire enough Vitamin D.? It is quite simple actually…just get up and soak in the morning sunlight. Watch the video for Dr. Fazil’s valuable input on this for your benefit.

At the end of it, I would just like to point out at one aspect. Our gyms are air-conditioned, homes have huge curtains, offices are behind dark glasses; in general and our lives are spent in concrete boxes. In this modern world, we have conveniently shielded ourselves from the primary source of life – The Sun, in turn disturbing the complete bio-chemical cycles of our body.

So the next time that you feel fatigued and tired, feel disinterested, or even if you do not feel any of them; just get up wherever you are, walk out in the open, and soak in all the sunlight. Because feeling happy and bright under the sunshine…should need no reason. Do share any advice you may have for the viewers on dealing with Vitamin D deficiency.

Love and Health,

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