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What is Cardiovascular Diseases

What is Cardiovascular Diseases? its heart diseases heart attack and stroke are considered to be the 2 top killers worldwide. know about cardiovascular disease from the specialist cardiologist, including risk factors, prevention, and symptoms.
Health is where the heart is. I guess we often forget the fact that we are probably the most complex, yet the most beautiful creation of nature that is governed by the brain and ruled by the heart. Nonetheless, it is often this heart that we neglect and take for granted – Or at least that’s what the data related to cardiovascular diseases suggests.

Dr. Sachin Upadhyay, Specialist Cardiologist, Aster Clinics and Hospitals enlightened me that of all the deaths in the world, 33% are due of Cardiovascular diseases. The statistics only get more alarming with respect to India, where 53% deaths are owing to ailments related to the heart.

Even as a lot of ethnicities like Indians, Middle East and North Africans are genetically more susceptible to heart diseases, Dr. Sachin suggests that there are certain modifiable risk factors that can save one from cardiovascular diseases. Primary among them being No Smoking, being physically active and choosing our diet wisely and prudently.

Personally I have always believed that it’s not just about eating healthy, it is also about eating right. All things considered, a healthy outside actually starts from a healthy inside. Not to mention that with our changing lifestyles and fast food culture, cardiovascular diseases loom large at our generation. Hence it is only by taking good care of ourselves, loving ourselves and consequently cultivating smart at heart habits that will go a long way in having a healthy heart, and a hearty health.

Little changes can go a long way, I have experienced it time and again. I would love to hear from you how adopting certain healthy changes and habits have made a difference in your health. Write to me in the comment box below.

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