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In today’s time and world, where everybody seems to be in a rat race with no finish line, we are often termed as the representatives of a diseased universe. Blame it on changing lifestyles, the damaged environment, or the fast food culture; it is rare that you would come across a human being who is absolutely healthy and disease free, especially in a cosmopolitan city like Dubai.

Even as I believe that there is no such thing as an incurable disease, equally true is the fact that most us fail to realize that a disease, besides being a medical condition, is also the imbalance and disruption of energies within our body.

I spoke to Julia from the Hands in Hope energy healing center, where Barbara Jackle specializes in this form of alternative healing, and I must confess that I have personally benefitted and immensely gained from the positive aspects of energy healing. This form of alternative healing is something that can only be experienced and not quantified. In fact, I have known many people who are not exactly aware of the physical or mental imbalance that their body is facing. With just one session of energy healing, you not only start feeling healthier but also start understanding your own body and emotions better. All thanks to Barbara, who is gifted with an enhanced bio-magnetic field and hence can read our energies, their alignments, and disruptions in miraculous details.

Right from day to day ailments like stress, emotional imbalance, body aches to even life-threatening ailments, energy healing is known to benefit in 90% of the cases and sometimes is a complete cure for many of them. It is often said that the soul holds the secret to healing, and it is the soul that energy healing repairs.

You can reach Barbara Jackle through her website and feel the magical difference first hand.

I would love to hear from you about your experiences with energy healing because I simply believe that the first step towards healing is to recognize the wound, and nothing helps you recognize the wound better than Energy Healing.

Love and Health,

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