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It is that time of the year where families are planning their vacations and taking a few days to unwind and relax. After all, travel is the best medicine for stress or boredom; it is a breath of fresh air, a chance to see new horizons and gain new perspectives. A considerable part of us is eminently shaped by where we have been to, so travel whenever you can & create new memories. As much as I love travelling, there is one thing that always goes with me without fail wherever I go and is simply indispensable to me. If you are wondering what I am hinting at, it is my laptop. Trust me, in today’s fast moving life; I rarely see anyone moving out without his or her laptop.

Today I am going to share with you some of the secrets that I love about one of the lightest laptops in the world – the LG Gram! For those who live in the city of connectivity, Dubai, you will want to travel like me – with a super light & speedy laptop with top-notch battery life! There may be so many people who do not work from inside a typical office space, and in that scenario, our laptop becomes our office where ever we go.

Kyung Min Ro, LG Electronics IT product expert, shared with me some of greatest details about this laptop that made me fall in love with it immediately. The LG Gram weighs only 970 grams (and it really does feel like the lightest laptop in the world). They call it the laptop that’s lighter than paper, so imagine how easy it is to simply pick up and go. We all love to stay connected and be ready for anything, and everything…we need to be online, get some work done, and be live on social media, etc etc., and this laptop is exactly what you need to go. Another game changer is, it is full options connectivity, which includes USB readers, HDMI and other types of card readers.

Personally as a parent, it is so great that it is light and sturdy because it is actually exactly what your kids need – a light laptop that they can use anywhere, so they do not have to carry heavy bags around. Taking it that extra mile, the 15.6 inch Gram actually has a touch feature, making it even more fun for children to use at school.

Another great feature about the LG gram that is so attractive is its 17.5-hour reliable battery life for the 14-inch Gram and 18 hours for the 13-inch! It is exactly what I look for when buying a new laptop. The LG Gram also surprised me with its hyper charging feature. So you can basically charge half of the 13-inch PC Gram battery in an hour like magic!
The colors and texture are very different from all laptops you have worked with; and if you ask me, I personally loved the metallic pink! Just watch the video and hear it from the LG expert himself

I am really excited about this new product and knew I had to just share it with all of you. So hope you enjoyed a few key highlights about this amazing new technology and product that I am sure you will fall in love with just like I did. What do you have to say about this product – would love to hear from you…

Love and Health,

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