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Well, this is the third blog that I am writing with regards to sustainable fashion. As you all know, since the past couple of weeks I have been talking about Sustainable Fashion, addressing the issue of pollution in the fashion industry and how it has adversely affected the ecosystem and consequently, our lives.  As I shared with you before, I have found immense delight and satisfaction in knowing that a leading brand like Splash has endeavoured to come up with its collection of Sustainable fashion and its #IAmSustainability campaign, and is striving to make people aware about sustainability in fashion. As environment protection, wellness and health are of utmost concern to me and is the philosophy of The Uma Show, I first spoke to the Director of Landmark Group and CEO of Splash Fashions and Iconic, Mr. Raza Beig wherein he enlightened us on how we can move ahead towards being more sustainable in fashion and how glad he is to be able to play his part in conserving the environment.

In the same league, we then spoke to Mr. Raza Beig about how sustainability could be introduced in fashion without compromising on trend. To know the feedback of the youth on the sustainable clothing collection designed by Splash, we had called two youngsters, Althea Stephanie Afonso and Shahrose Nazir Chougle, who came on the show and tried a few outfits.

After speaking with Mr. Raza Beig and having feedback from the youth of Dubai, I thought why not call a few well-versed fashion stylists and image consultants from the fashion industry and ask them about their take on Sustainable Fashion. So this time I spoke with two well-known stylists – Amal Taysir, fashion stylist and image consultant, and Samantha Francis, fashion stylist, who spoke to us about sustainability in fashion, how important it is and how to cultivate the habit of making the right and conscious choices while buying. They also spoke to us about fast fashion, how it affects our fashion choices and also drew our attention to conscious buying. To know more about their take on sustainable fashion and get their fashion tips, watch the video…

Do share with me what measures you will take the next time you go shopping. We all must be aware and make conscious choices towards preserving our environment; because in the synergy of this earth, every person matters!

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