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2 Salad Recipes with Oil- Free Dressing

We assume that salad dressing cannot do us any harm, a little bit of oil, sugar, and salt does not make a difference. But you will be surprised, that many of the ready salad dressings have artificial fillers and additives that can prove extremely detrimental to our collective health.

A store-bought salad dressing may mention 100-percent extra-virgin olive oil, a high-quality, good-for-you anti-inflammatory oil, but what you’ll find instead is a number of dressings, including so-called “olive oil” vinaigrettes, that contain inexpensive, inflammatory oils like soybean oil, which tends to be the most common in these products.

Many oils are highly refined and so stripped of nutrients. Plus, inflammatory oils like soybean oil are processed at a high temperature, further damaging the integrity of the oil and increasing the risk of rancidity. Refined, rancid oils create inflammation in the body, which is the opposite of what you want when consuming healthy fats.

Salad dressings can be made at home without any oil and yet they turn out super delicious.
That’s what I have shared in this video.

Do you have any “nasty ingredients ” free salad dressings/ Share with me in the comment box.

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