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7 Ways To Clean Up Your Beauty Routine

Are you planning on switching to a more hygienic lifestyle? Why not start with your beauty and skincare products!? Switching to a cleaner and healthier beauty routine sounds like a heavenly idea. Except that in theory, it is really hard to achieve one without proper guidance.

When you’re walking down the aisle of beauty products in a store, you are always tempted by the idea of deciphering and comparing the impact, toxicity content as well as market claims of tough-sounding ingredients mentioned on the labels of products. Selecting what’s healthy and discarding what’s toxic can be a daunting chore when you have to go through many unrecognizable ingredients.

Don’t worry! We all who switched to cleaner beauty went through it. However, I am here to share some tips from my experience that made this holistic journey much easier and lovelier. Without realizing what clean beauty is you can never switch to it.

So, let’s get started:
What is clean beauty?

Clean Beauty consists of products that are made without toxic ingredients that would otherwise be potentially harmful to human health or the environment. These toxic ingredients could be enlisted as Parabens, Sulphates, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Reef-Harming Chemical Sunscreen, Aluminium, and Heavy Metals.

Why should we pursue it?

Researches have shown that women wear almost 12 to 16 beauty products almost every day in compliance with their culture or regional needs. That is quite like slathering a cocktail of chemicals over your skin. About 60% of the chemicals that you apply topically on your skin can enter your bloodstream.

How to achieve it?
Educate yourself:

It all starts with educating yourself. Know what a cleaner beauty routine is. How it is deteriorating in so many ways and then look for ways to switch wisely. Know the ingredients. Healthier ones and toxic ones. Try to find out what concentration of a certain ingredient is safe to use.

Audit what you already consume:

There are a dozen of wonderful apps that scan the label and offer you a sophisticated detail on the toxicity content, concentration, and usage of the products. Trace down all the information and this way it will be easier for you to realize what you can keep using and what should be lying deep down in your dustbins.

Investigate the products you are going to buy:

Just because a product has a fancy label with a regal color combination and intriguing marketing claims, you should not buy it without reading the labels and inquiring about the constituent ingredients.

Here’s a tip: When you start reading the ingredients, the ones written at the start of the list are used in higher concentrations. And hence they are put there in descending order. This is the smartest and quickest way to knowing how healthy the main ingredients are. Add the products with lesser ingredients to your cart that are plant-based and ideally organic.
Look for the certification logos over the labels.

Start by adding one

Instead of throwing a multitude of products to your cart and making a disaster of it out of experimentation, start by trying one. It should never be done in a rush. Just because it suits your friend or sister, it may not necessarily go with your skin type. Know your skin, know your product and add it to your kit.

Simplify the regime:

You don’t have to spend half your income looking for and testing companies with nontoxic ingredients. Take a quick round to your kitchen and see how many kitchen ingredients can work as multitaskers and they pose no serious threat to your skin either.

Start with your body products:

Since your body products cover the largest part of your body, they have greater impacts too. Start by investigating, testing, and switching these products. Then go for your hair care products. As you know your shampoo washes your whole body in a shower, wash your hair first, and the rest of the body later to wash its chemical off.

All these tips will help you once you educate yourself and are determined to take the challenge. Going cleaner will not only protect your health, but it will also offer you a matchless glow least exposed to toxicity. Mother earth will also benefit from this.

Love and Health,

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