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Happiness Hormones – What They Are And How To Boost Them Naturally

Have you ever wondered why meeting and interacting with certain people and doing somethings make us very happy or uplifted? Why do we always get excited when we are one step closer to our goal or destination? How do we feel connected with people and empathize with them? Or why do you feel angry when you miss a meal? Hangry?

One of the key factors is that our feelings of positive connections, awe, and wonder lead to chemical reactions in our brains. This happens through hormones, little chemical messengers in our brains.

There are a total of four happy chemicals that altogether help maintain your overall mood.

Let us see how they serve us and what good they contribute to. Along with that, I would tell you how to set a daily goal to achieve them:


Dopamine, also known as the chemical of reward, is a neurotransmitter. It is released when you’re doing something pleasurable. Like when you score a goal, reach a target, or complete a task you have a sudden hit of dopamine that tells you that “you made it, it was a good job!”
Also, the act of volunteering and kindness provides rich doses of dopamine. It simply motivates you to seek things you enjoy.

Daily Goal to gain Dopamine:

Anything that gives you a sense of productivity or success helps release dopamine. Question is that how can you achieve them? Here are some ways:

Arrange your messy closet. The one you had on your to-do list for weeks. Get it sorted and see how dopamine runs through you.


Serotonin is one of the best-known chemicals as most antidepressant medications address it. Also known as mood stabilizers, serotonin neurotransmitters are naturally triggered by things we casually do. Exposure to sunlight, exercise, having a good night’s sleep, etc. It also helps lessens our worries and stress.

Daily goals for serotonin:

How about some sunlight? Just pack your bag and spend your time outdoors, in sunlight. Treat yourself to a mini picnic even on your own balcony. Researches have shown that spending time in sunlight helps release serotonin and endorphins. Start with 10 to 15 minutes every day. Don’t forget the sunscreen though!


Oxytocin – getting all that love in your mind.
This love hormone is also affectionately referred to as a hugging drug as it is released when you have warm physical contact with someone, it’s the fuzzy, happy feeling. It is also the feeling that comes from love, friendship, or deep trust.

Everyday Oxytocin goal:

Cuddling is one of the most generous sources of oxytocins be it with your partner, friend, parents or your furry fluffy pet. Cuddle with them or hug them at least once a day.
Sharing a joke or connecting over something hilarious with your loved one can help release oxytocin too
Having deep stimulating conversations not only releases dopamine but also makes you closer to your loved one becoming a source of oxytocins.


You might have heard a lot about “Ëndorphin High” or “Runner High” that athletes get when they push their body to the level of real discomfort. They’re talking about this chemical which is called our natural pain killer. They are opioid neuropeptides released by our nervous system to help cope with physical pain. They also make us feel lightheaded and giddy. They release a euphoria that covers the pain.

Gain endorphins daily:

Along with multiple health benefits, exercise has a very positive impact on emotional well-being. Endorphin high is exactly what you achieve through exercise and workouts.
Musicians say that composing their music is a very pleasurable act. Research shows that composing music and playing your favorite instrument significantly increases your endorphins dose.

These four chemicals combined are truly amazing to make one happy. I believe in the power of working these chemicals to make my life happier and healthier.

So, what you need to do is add at least one goal from each category to your daily routines like hugging your loved one, making your bed, talking to a friend, and a goodnight’s sleep. It could be any combination as long as you’re targeting all four of these happy gems. Having the little fragments of happiness sounds like unachievable holy grails of emotion, achieving them is not that hard. You just have to look around, but with love!

Love and health,


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