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How To Lower Your Stress Hormones Naturally

Our body is hardwired to protect us against the threats we face every now and then and fight back. From predators and aggressors to taking care of huge workload, the responsibility of paying bills, or even taking care of our family, we have a wide range of rattling dangers to everyday hassles we call ‘threats’.

In order to make that work, we have stress hormones called cortisol. You can think of them as built-in alarm systems. This hormone works with our brain to control our moods, fears as well as motivations. Hence whenever you feel alarmed or frazzled, it is your adrenal gland pumping this hormone.

It switches you from relaxed to “fight or flight” mode. This hormone is really important to help your body fight against an alarming situation. However, excess of it can be really deteriorating mentally as well as physically. Today I will tell you how to cope with your stress hormones naturally. But let us get to know the science behind cortisol first:

What to do to lower these stress hormone levels naturally?
I know it sounds scary But instead of stressing out after getting to know about the stress hormones themselves, you should try to relax and find ways that can help you. Although it seems like you don’t have control over all that happens in a “flight-or-fight” state, there are actually some hacks that can help improve your diet and lifestyle and hence manage your stress hormone levels. Let me share some of them with you:

Cut your sugar intakes:

Cakes, pastures, soda, bread all these foods are so tempting. But they are a great source of sugar. In order to lower your stress hormones, you have to reduce the intake of all such edibles. As I have told you so many times, an increased sugar rush can mimic a panic attack which can fuel your fight-or-flight instinct. Switch to their healthier substitutes like whole-grain bread and vegetables etc.

Limit caffeine and alcohol consumption:

Studies show caffeine increases the cortisol secretion in your body even at rest. Caffeine makes it worse, you see? People also think alcohol helps them relax. But it is addictive and depressant actually. Work on leaving these.

Hydration helps a lot!

The more you stay dehydrated, the more exhausted and stressed out you are. An ample amount of water regulates cortisol secretion. Dehydration is seen as a stressor and makes your adrenal gland surge out stress hormones. Drink water, herbal teas, healthy juices, and eat water-rich foods.

Eat regularly and eat healthily:

Sticking to a regular and healthy eating schedule can really help keep the hormone levels under control. Never let yourself either eat to the brim out of stress or not feel the appetite to eat at all. Keep track. Eat a snack every 3 to 4 hours while awake.

Break a sweat:

Exercising is never dangerous. Its intensity can be. Shift from high-intensity exercise to moderate or lower intensity exercises.

Take care of your sleep patterns:

Stress snatches your sleep first. Never compromise on it. Meditate for a while or have a gentle walk before going to bed. Some herbal teas also help relax so that you can have a good night’s sleep.

Eat cortisol lowering foods:

Let’s plan your diet schedule with foods that lower your cortisol. Fortunately, we have some foods that can surprisingly lower your cortisol secretion tr trends:
Like dark chocolates, bananas, pears, yogurt, and other probiotics and anti-oxidant-rich foods can lower your cortisol levels.

Foster good company:

Making good friends and keeping healthy company is as important as balancing your diet, Surround yourself with positive people. Share what you love with them. Tell them jokes. Watch shows together. Do all that it takes to release serotonin. Your happy chemical. It will keep cortisol at the corner.

Love yourself. Remind yourself that you can handle it, No matter how hard it gets. You have come so far and you have a long way ahead. And you will do it. Stress hormones are tough but you are tougher. Handle yourself with a little more love on hard days and things will be okay.

Love and Health,

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