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Self-Care For Dry Eyes

Last year I suffered from severe dry eyes and I had to really take my eye health into my own hands.

Dry eyes were affecting my eyesight, my eyes were forever itchy and irritated and also reddish.

I realized ever since I have taken my business into the digital platform, though I have grown exponentially, I have not really taken care of my eyes the way I should have.

So after initial treatment with a great ophthalmologist, I put together a routine for my eyes that includes daily eye exercises combined with eye massage.

I have been consistent with it for one whole year and I have noticed a huge improvement.

My eyes don’t itch as much, they are clearer and irritation is gone completely.

So this was the right time to share this routine with you guys.

I m sure in the last few years your screen times has increased too, you may be having these symptoms too, but you don’t know how to go about healing your eyes or taking care of your eyes better.

Try these exercises and massage techniques for 21 days consistently and let me know how it goes.

Share in the comments below.

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