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Supplement For Glowing Skin

Supplements for Glowing Skin

As you’ve likely noticed, there are a lot of creams and serums out on the market now for anti-aging. What if you want to take a more natural approach to brighten your skin and keep wrinkles away, though? Micronutrients are a wonderful option because they’re easily accessible, and they can help keep you looking young and beautiful for longer. Here’s why you should consider micronutrients for anti-aging before looking anywhere else.

Which Ones do You Need

You’re prepared to do whatever it takes to stop any and all unwelcome symptoms from developing overnight. Making a stop at your local grocery store is a terrific place to start. While you’re out shopping, you should be on the lookout for specific food and drinks that contain calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin C, zinc, or potassium. Each one of these has the exceptional ability to fight off skin problems that are associated with aging.

What does Vitamin D do?

Vitamin D is often called the sunshine vitamin, thanks to our body’s ability to produce it through sun exposure. However, sun exposure comes with other risks to your skin, including premature aging, sunspots, and an increased risk of skin cancer — so what is the best way to get enough vitamin D?
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble hormone found in fatty fish and dairy — and thanks to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s great for acne and red, inflamed skin. Despite its great health and skin benefits, vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies all over the world.[1]
What makes vitamin D so special? It’s been shown to protect skin from aging, with patients with high levels of vitamin D showing DNA that is the equivalent of five years younger than those with lower levels.[2] Acne sufferers are also likely to have less vitamin D in their systems — and supplementing with vitamin D can improve their skin.[3]
Where to find it: Salmon, tuna, orange juice, milk, and mushrooms.
Spend at least 20 minutes in the morning sun

Vitamin A

When it comes to glowing skin, vitamin A is a superhero. It helps the production of fresh new skin cells — but that’s not all.
Vitamin A contains retinoids, which are compounds that fight signs of sun damage like hyperpigmentation, promote wound healing and cell turnover, and boost the production of collagen. In fact, studies show that people with a higher concentration of vitamin A in their skin look younger than those with a lower concentration.[7]
Vitamin A also acts as an exfoliant, getting rid of dry skin, improving your skin’s overall tone, and giving it a smoother texture.[8] Plus, it’s a great ally in the fight against acne: it helps normalize oil production and prevents clogged pores. In fact, it’s so effective that prescription-strength vitamin A is FDA-approved as a treatment for acne.
Where to find it: Sweet potatoes, red bell peppers, eggs, salmon, and yogurt.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and can be applied topically, taken as part of a supplement, or added to your diet through vitamin E-rich foods.
Thanks to being high in antioxidants, vitamin E is great for blood circulation, which can help your skin feel firmer and healthier. Because vitamin E promotes cell turnover and regeneration, it is also sometimes used to treat acne scarring and dry skin.
On top of all of its other benefits, vitamin E helps strengthen and protect your skin’s barrier, protecting it from the sun and preserving your skin’s moisture barrier.
Besides protecting and strengthening your skin, vitamin E may reduce your risk of heart disease, improve your lung health, and even help alleviate menstrual cramps. Not bad for one little vitamin.
Where to find it: Hazelnuts, pine nuts, peanuts, avocado, and mango.

Watch the full video to know the rest of the supplements.

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