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11 Summer Skincare Hacks

Thinking of summer always makes us dream about pretty beaches, evening dates, swimming in the ocean, everything open-air, sunny and glowy. This golden dream drives you crazy on the idea of holding that warm skin tan and subtle sandalwood undertones.

But this lovely thought comes with the cost of a super vigilant skincare routine. Where you get so much to cherish outdoors because summer is that time of the year that compels you to feel free and wander around with the lightest of the outfits, and careless of the outings, your exposure to sun, heat, humidity, and dust also increases.

Due to this exposure, it is inevitable that your skin might encounter dehydration, dull and tired looks, damaged hair, and whatnot.
Tweaking your skincare routine is what these activities demand to keep your skin gorgeous and unharmed. Summer is the high time to go a lot gentler on your skin. Throw away heavy products and add light hydrating products that can safeguard you from violent UVAs/UVBs.

That feeling is unmatchable when you are all glowy and gorgeous out in the sun and you can’t stop admiring yourself in every reflection of yourself you pass by. Here I will be sharing with you some smart tips to tweak your skincare for that kind of glow in summer. Let us get started:
1. Sunscreen is your armor. Wear it!
Is there ever going to be enough preachings about the importance of sunscreen? No. Sunscreen is the solution to so many things.

2. Mindful cleansing:
All the sun, sweat, and salt that got accumulated on your skin demand a nice cleansing routine. Your skin produces excessive oil during summers.

3. Eat Probiotics:
Probiotics boost your immune system and improve your digestive system. It also reduces bloating and inflammation in your digestive tract.

4. Water-rich foods:
Eating water is the modern solution to the oldest problem of dehydration. Water-rich foods are a holy grail solution to your skin and hydration problem. Watermelon, Strawberries, cucumber, cantaloupes, skim milk, iceberg lettuce ad zucchini.

5. Exfoliate your whole being:
Exfoliating is not only for the face and neck. You have to exfoliate from head to toe. This way you’ll have your blood circulation improved and increased all over your body and hence a warm glow will emit your skin.

6. Vitamin C:
Vitamin C must be our first love in the skincare world. What is it that Vitamin c can’t offer? It is an antioxidant and fights oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Builds collagen, brightens your skin, strengthens it, shields from pollution, and protects from aging.

7. Cosmetics for the glow:
It is not only about adding skincare products to your list. You have got to update your makeup kit as well. For those of you into tanning.

8. Some home remedies:
Not only expensive products but some ingredients from the kitchen can also be our savior. Make a turmeric and yogurt face mask. Exfoliate your lips and around with honey and sugar. Apply some aloe vera on your face and hair.

9. Cooler Showers
Try to avoid steam baths and hot showers in summer as they can make our skin dry. Try cooler showers instead. They’d help keep skin hydrated and make you feel relaxed.

10. Hydrate yourself with water and herbal teas:
Hydration is so necessary to fulfill your dream of flawless glowy skin. Keep your bottles filled. Track our sips through some apps.

11. Smoothies:
Smoothies are marvelous when it comes to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits along with a good dose of fibers.

Protect yourself from violent heat and sunlight exposures. Be mindful of these tips. And let me know how it goes.

Love and health,


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