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Everything That’s Wrong With Diets

The skinnier me is the happier me.

Isn’t it what you think every time you look at yourself in the mirror? And this thought is always followed by the idea of following a vigilant and strict diet plan that brings you your dream body shape and looks.
At the start of almost every year, we are bombarded with the silly dieting messages to ‘eat only this specific food’ and ‘This is healthy’ etc. Only to realize later that we just burnt and stressed ourselves out for nothing.

But in this month, I aim to preach you self love and how you can avoid this toxic culture of dieting and hating yourself.

According to research, around 45 million people in just America diet every year and they invest 33 billion dollars annually on weight loss. Sounds pretty insane. Imagine the percentages around the world!

The fun fact about dieting is that 95% of the time it doesn’t work.

But what is actually dragging you to the point of diet plans, pills, or vomiting your food?

And the only cause behind it is the dieting mindset that offers you dissatisfaction towards your own body. The one that deserves all your love. Hence, in order to achieve the cliché, picture-perfect body, you are compelled to follow boring diet plans.

These diet plans have some disadvantages that can be nightmares for your mental and physical health and they can drastically damage you.

1. Weight regain is unavoidable:

Once you’re done with your diet plan the desire to eat everything and anything attacks you and you’re helpless to consume whatever you want with no check and balance. Secondly, the metabolism is very slow during dieting. This can lead to weight gain even above one’s weight prior to dieting. Hence increasing your natural ‘set point’.

2. Insufficient calorie intake:

Since your body doesn’t get enough calories, it slows down metabolism. Hence the normal functioning of your body is hampered. Your calorie intake should not be less than 300 calories.

3. Muscle loss:

You lose your muscles when you’re not having proper nutrition. Your body eats muscles for energy. The absence of protein, in particular, triggers this loss.

4. Depression and anxiety:

This short term fictitious solution of dieting leads you to long term damages to your health. Dieters often suffer from severe anxiety and depression. The reason behind it is that dieters have to give up on their favorite meals and drinks. Which in turn makes you stressed out. And it leads to great violations on cheat days as well.

5. Restrictions offer a sense of deprivation:

Dieting means endless restrictions. Removing a food group from your diet will make you feel deprived. This leads you to disturbance, sadness, and the primal urge to binge eat.
The restriction is an unhealthy mindset and you, my dear, don’t deserve it at all.

6. Slower functioning and Fatigue:

You can’t complain if you diet and then feel immensely fatigued as well. Since you’re missing out on many of the vital nutrients, the body’s functioning gets slow. It works on reserving the energy by every possible ways and means.

7. Your body is in starvation mode:

Your actual metabolism slows down in response to this starvation mode. It attempts to preserve the energy and hence you’re deprived of your normal body functions. This affects your digestive system and you can face different related diseases like constipation for instance.

8. Weaken immune system:

Depriving yourself of healthy essential nutrients can weaken your immune system. Which in turn increases the risk of dehydration, heart palpitations, and cardiac stress.

9. Incomplete diets lead to self-blame:

It has been observed that when you fail a diet plan you fall into the pit of despair and you start feeling guilty. It can result in anxiety, irritability, difficulty in focus, etc.

10. Eating disorders:

Researches have shown that Constantly focusing the weight loss can lead to drastic eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. Dieting doesn’t teach us how to listen to our cues. And we tend to eat food that was once off-limits.

Love and health,


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