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Face Steaming – Pros And Cons

Face-steaming a word that offers you with a warm imagination of soothing steam clouds rising towards your face and relaxing you. Am I right?

When it comes to skincare and self-love, a little bit of warmth is all that completes your routine. And to be honest steaming is a one stop solution for that. To make steaming easier, there are smart DIY steamer tools available to bring this comfort-activity home.
I myself have been a fan of face-steaming at home. I used to face-steam a lot as I had lots of blackheads and whiteheads. It worked wonders for me and evidence is here!!.
But what worries me is that you’d rarely find a complete and handy guide on the proper usage and precautions about this magic treatment. Hence, I decided to enlighten my beloved people with this beauty treatment.

To completely grasp the procedure, precautions and pros of face-steaming you should be aware of the actions that your skin undergoes while enjoying a healthy steam. What actually happens is that the steam, being warm, raises the internal temperature of your skin and hence offers it with a plentiful hyderation. Sounds soothing! Right?

Let’s move forward to the benefits it provides by these simple actions.

Provides ample hydration:

Ofcourse, as the steam itself is water, it helps provide your skin with a golden opportunity to lock in all the good hydration from those warm clouds. But for that you have to be super mindful. As soon as you are done with face steaming, your skin will hold higher content of water than the environment. The water greedy air will reach you to suck all the goodness you’ve gained. Hence, be quick and apply a serum or cream right away to prevent the loss of this sweet blessing. Otherwise you’d end up making your skin drier through osmosis.

Softening the clogged pores:

The steamer that makes it easier for you. Since steaming makes your skin softer, the extraction process becomes pretty convenient.
Hence you can easily remove white or black heads and the clogged oil.

It relaxes your stressed muscles and offer you some soothing warmth:

Along with many other advantages, face steaming helps loosen up your stretched muscles and gives you ultimate calm and peace. That will reduce stress, anxiety and offers you with a sound uninterrupted sleeping hours.

Now let us move ahead to the discussion precautions you need to take to avoid any undesired results.

Melasma can be activated:

If you’re suffering from melasma, a pigmentation that leaves your skin with grey or brown patches, avoid steaming. It can trigger the melanin cells to be in hyperactive state. And the results would be opposite.

Rosacea and broken capillaries can be worsened:

Here a little advice is to avoid steaming as much as possible and go for other treatments without risking a flare up. Because heat is one of the major triggers for your broken capillaries and rosacea acne worsening.

Concentrated essential oils can cause irritation:

If your skin is a little more sensitive than others’, the high concentration essential oils can irritate your skin. Avoid them!

Harsh exfoliators after steaming can damage your skin badly:

Peeling the dead skin seems easier with steaming. But the risk is that you might remove your live skin too. Hence you have to be super gentle and kind on your skin.

Now here arise the quick questions that how frequently you should use it and which part of your skin care routine should be reserved for this warmth.
Don’t worry, here’s the quick answer to your questions:

If you’re an absolute beginner, start using it once a week. And if it suits you, increase the count. In order not to overdo it, don’t steam your face more than thrice. I’d like to stress on the fact that everyone’s skin is different and you have to listen to your skin to understand what it really needs.

Lastly I, being someone who’s used face steamers at home for years, would definitely recommend you to steam your face without letting the idea of being gentle on yourself go. Use it as much as it suits you but remember excess of everything is bad too. Otherwise I’m here to show you can improve the circulation and hydration without being harsh on yourself.

Let yourself glow in this sweet warmth of self love and cherish the lovelier versions of yourself.

Take care.

Love and Health,

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